Welcome to my blog! I’m Angie. My husband, Paul, and I have one son, Alex. I am a Specialized Services Instructor (which is a fancy way of saying I teach kids who need a little extra help and support with reading). I love to run, hike, read, do life with family and friends, travel, and find crazy adventures.

My husband suffers from a devastating chronic illness called myotonic muscular dystrophy. Most people have never even heard of it, but this disease has forever changed our lives. Nevertheless, we are determined that God is good and He is faithful, even in this. We believe He gives us everything we need for right now. His grace is sufficient.

This blog isn’t just about living with my husband’s illness, although that is a big part of my story, our story. It’s about my journey of learning to live from a place of being loved, of going after everything, absolutely everything, God has for me, of letting go of fear, and of loving well.